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Metroid M Confrontation Fangame 1.0

     Category: Games / Action Games

Description of
Metroid M Confrontation Fangame
This is the secound and optimized part of the Metroid fangames sequels - Metroid fangames are popular in console games society. If you likes Metroid game from Super Nintendo, this one should fit your thoughts - game idea is the same like in the Super Nintendo console. You must collect special items, go trought rocket entrances, kill aliens, and find the mighty Metroid - the nightmare creature capable to destroy and absorb all materia! Fight in many colorful sceneries - from lava land from Metroid game, or caves. Use metamorph ball to complete tight places and shoot the rocket to kill hard enemies.
Metroid M Confrontation Fangame
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Author: Mario City Games
License: Freeware
File Size: 8.1 MB
Downloads: 55

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